TanzanIce Farm offers you accommodation in a beautiful area where you can experience the real Tanzanian life. Furthermore, if you stay with us you are participating in strengthening our village.

Our mission is to support the local community by facilitating and participating in projects that encourage entrepreneurship and innovation and improve self-confidence among our people – something which ultimately reduces poverty and leads to better health and well-being.


I welcome you to TanzanIce Farm to enjoy the magic of Northern Tanzania.

I am Icelandic but have run my little farm in Tanzania since 2008. I first came to Tanzania as a tourist in 2005 and already then I decided I would like to dedicate my time and effort to this beautiful peaceful country and lovely people. All this time I have been building up my farm, learning from the locals and teaching them. I have supported several individuals in my village, as well as I have participated in strengthening the infrastructure, which will help our people to escape poverty faster.


My farm is in close vicinity of all major attractions in Northern Tanzania.

The northern part of Tanzania is a stunning place to visit with its colorful tribes, beautiful landscapes and unique wildlife – diversification and experience that you cannot find elsewhere. TanzanIce Farm is a small but cozy operation. Local, well-trained people work on the farm and we all make an effort to make your visit to Tanzania as rich in experience as possible. We do our best to make you feel at home but in a remarkable environment, which is probably exotic for most of you. We can assist you in planning trips during your stay based on your wishes.


I care deeply for the welfare of the people and the environment.

Many families in our village are extremely poor, striving to make a living from their farms. I do everything I can to have a positive impact in the society. I confer with the people when carefully selecting our projects and how to execute them. We have assisted in distributing clean water in the village and built a kindergarten close to our farm. One of my favorite projects is though WOMEN POWER, a project that aims to train the local women in innovative thinking and actions, which has helped many of them to establish their small businesses.