Accommodation and happy guests

Review 10 out of 10: “The staff was so friendly loving and caring. There smiling faces and the selfless care showed the Tanzanian hospitality of genuine love. The rooms at the farm house were spotless in cleanliness and comfortable. The food was so freshly cooked and served hot and was so delicious. All in all Tanzanice Farm House is a place that l will visit and recommend to anyone without hesitation. Keep up the good work.

Best regards form the Doctors from Tanzania, Sri-Lanka & Canada.”

The staff and owners are enthusiastic to keep up the good work. We love our place and we care for each other and those who visit us.

Volunteering is rewarding (video)

Volunteering is rewarding and it is our pride to be engaged in social projects. TanzanIce Farm has participated and led several projects aiming at empowering women, educating children and promoting gender equality. Many organizations and individuals from all over the world have participated and contributed both money and time to different projects.  It is rewarding to see improvements and it gives us the hope that poverty will be defeated in the end.