Entrepreneurial children

We are extremely proud of participating in the renovation of the Butiama Kindergarten we built with help from both individuals and companies eight years ago. The staff and children are so happy and enthusiastic. We do not have much toys to play with but the children are innovative in using what is available in the area; stones, tree-branches, leaves, straw and even the rubbish we collect regularly.

Grapes for wine making in the future

As entrepreneurs we are continuously testing new crops on our farm. We have learned from our neighbour that grapes can be grown in our climate and soil. We have therefore planted grape trees in some contours and are excited to see if we will have grapes in coming months.

There are many challenges and one of our enemies are termites. As we are emphasising organic growth we have planted lemongrass close to the plants as well as we have put some garlic next to the plants. The termites do not like the smell so hopefully they will go somewhere else for food.

Busy accommodation in Karatu

We have been very busy on the Farm having had 2 separate groups fully occupying the lodge for two weeks respectively, doing safaris into the surrounding national parks, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and Serengeti as well as visiting the local tribes, namely, Masai, Hadzabe and Iraqw. There was a general consensus among participants that „…. Tanzanice Farm ….. is conveniently located close to Ngorongoro and Serengeti and the owners organized an unforgettable safari tour to the parks for our group .…”, as one of the participants wrote on TripAdvisor.

Magnificent view of the hills of Ngorongoro

Magnificent view of the hills of Ngorongoro and the farmland around TanzanIce farm can be enjoyed from TanzanIce Farm after our good Icelandic guest, Björn, has constructed a natural bench on the hill at TanzanIce Farm. Now guests can sit down on their walk around the farm and enjoy an authentic view, relax and even meditate while listening to the colorful birds fluttering between the trees.

Guest Review Awards

Guest Review Awards for 2017 was sent to us today from @bookingcom. For 2017 we got 9,3 out of 10 from our visitors. We are extremely proud and honored to receive this score in our first year after renovation. It is a message that the renovation has been successful, that people enjoy our accommodation, like our environment and love our Tanzanian staff who are exceptionally good hosts. We will continue to emphasize offering great value-for-money accommodation and provide service to our guests with care – #guestloveus

TanzanIce Farm Lodge – The farm of loving and caring

(TANZANia and ICEland – nice together)