About us
“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”* is our guiding light. We are proud of being equals and that we do not discriminate based on any differences we might have. We respect all individuals, animals and nature.

*The first Article of the United Nation Declaration

*The first Article of the United Nation Declaration
Dr. Anna together with one of the farm managers.
My interest and background is in science which can be related to human beings in its widest context.
My first university degree was in food technology, where I studied how to preserve food and avoid damages that are dangerous to human beings. I then took a master’s degree in nutrition at the University of Oslo, where I learned about well-balanced food intake and the essential nutrients for human beings. My last degree was a doctorate degree in public health. I have undertaken various research projects related to human health and well-being.
Apart from being one of the leaders of TanzanIce Farm, I have also worked for Ifakara Health Institute, which is a research center in Tanzania. I have been the vice-rector at Bifrost University and am now leading development and internationalization at that same university. I have also been the CEO of the National Public Health Institute of Iceland and the portfolio manager at Actavis, a company producing medicine to treat various diseases. I have also practiced nutrition counselling for many years.

Ms. Restituta J. Surumbu

Restituta is born in Bashay village and knows the village like the back of her hand.

Restituta, usually called Resty, is trained in hotel management, both in Tanzania and Iceland. She has visited Iceland on several occasions where she has taken courses in various subjects; English, accounting, computers and entrepreneurship. She received practical training at Hotel Bifrost in Iceland and at Impala Hotel in Arusha. Resty is an excellent chef and she takes good care of our guests. She really makes you feel at home.

Mr. Vidar Vidarsson

Vidar is Icelandic. He is my husband and he is the managing director of TanzanIce Farm.

Vidar has two master’s degrees, one in engineering from Germany and another in business finance from Brunel University in London. Vidar has a vast experience as a business manager and business consultant. He served as the CEO for a major IT company in Iceland, representing some of the major global vendors. Furthermore, Vidar has worked as a consultant for several clients. One of his clients is the Information and Health Technology division at the National Hospital of Iceland and another one in Creditinfo International, but Vidar established a subsidiary in Tanzania, Creditinfo Tanzania Ltd.

Ms. Oliva J. Surumbu

Oliva, our farm manager, is responsible for the crops we grow.

Oliva, usually called Oli, has a certificate in agriculture from Kilacha, in Moshi. She has always been passionate about farming. Oli is a clever young woman, hard working and with good communication skills. We look forward to develop the farm together with her. She has previously worked for the counsel of Karatu collecting levies in Karatu town.

Here is Oliva (to the left) together with Elizabeth.


We are located just outside Karatu town.

Soon after you pass the last petrol station in Karatu (on your right) you drive down hill, passing a new restaurant and then a big tree on the left hand side.

A few meters further you see the TanzanIice signboard on your right.

There you turn to the right and drive on a rough road.

There is a water pipe/tab on the way – turn left there and continue for a while until you reach our gate.

The total distance from the tarmac road is approximately 700 m.