It is convenient to stay at TanzanIce Farm and take day-trips to various places in our vicinity. Our farm is 11 kilometers away from the gate into Ngorongoro, which is also the way into Serengeti National Park, two of the most famous parks in the world. Other interesting places to visit are Lake Eyasi, where the Hazape tribe lives, Manyara National Park for bird watching and Tarangirie National Park, which is famous for its elephant herds. We can also help you to plan shorter trips and activities in our proximity – depending on your interest.
Experiencing the farmlife
Our accommodation is in many ways different from other accommodation options in our area.
When staying with us you are living on a farm where you will not only experience the local tranquility, but where you are able to absorb the natural spirits in the village and see and experience how people live and work. At the same time you also have your own space in peace. To stay with us is a unique opportunity to get to know the society’s infrastructure. You can participate in the farm activities, visit local families, schools and our kindergarten, learn how to grow coffee, how to grow onions, maize, beans and other crops grown in the area.
Local & Cozy
TanzanIce Farm has rooms with access to all basic amenities.
Our rooms have beds that are locally made, fitted with soft duvets and pillows to help you to get a better sleep. We have tailor made bed nets to keep you safe from the mosquitoes that might have found their way into the rooms. We have both cold and hot running water for showers and washing. The water is from the borehole and heated with solar water heaters. We have a kitchen fitted with all necessary equipment and guests are welcome to take part in the preparation of yummy African meals, made with local ingredients that are carefully selected.
Our Environment
We are proud of our environmental conservation.
Water is precious and a scarce resource in our village. We have drilled for high quality water to use for our guests. For farming we collect rainwater from the roofs of our houses. Furthermore, we try to collect the rainwater during rainy seasons in small dams, which can be used on the farm for a long time after the rainy season has passed. We have purposely decided not to have swimming pools on the premises as water is a resource which most of the villagers have very limited access too, even to drink. We are concerned about waste management and do recycle our waste as possible.


Price per room per night including breakfast and dinner for two people in a twin room or standard double room is 126 usd and deluxe double room is 166 usd.
To make a booking or send an inquiry please send an email to: or go to Booking, TripAdvisor or Airbnb.

We are located just outside Karatu town.

Soon after you pass the last petrol station in Karatu (on your right) you drive down hill, passing a new restaurant and then a big tree on the left hand side.

A few meters further you see the TanzanIice signboard on your right.

There you turn to the right and drive on a rough road.

There is a water pipe/tab on the way – turn left there and continue for a while until you reach our gate.

The total distance from the tarmac road is approximately 700 m.