Magnificent view of the hills of Ngorongoro

Magnificent view of the hills of Ngorongoro and the farmland around TanzanIce farm can be enjoyed from TanzanIce Farm after our good Icelandic guest, Björn, has constructed a natural bench on the hill at TanzanIce Farm. Now guests can sit down on their walk around the farm and enjoy an authentic view, relax and even meditate while listening to the colorful birds fluttering between the trees.

Guest Review Awards

Guest Review Awards for 2017 was sent to us today from @bookingcom. For 2017 we got 9,3 out of 10 from our visitors. We are extremely proud and honored to receive this score in our first year after renovation. It is a message that the renovation has been successful, that people enjoy our accommodation, like our environment and love our Tanzanian staff who are exceptionally good hosts. We will continue to emphasize offering great value-for-money accommodation and provide service to our guests with care – #guestloveus

TanzanIce Farm Lodge – The farm of loving and caring

(TANZANia and ICEland – nice together)

Elephant Caves close to TanzanIce Farm

These respectable Icelandic women, who have stayed at TanzanIce Farm for two weeks, took a walk to the Elephant Caves today. They got a lot of information about medicinal plants, saw a number of bird species, waterfalls and of course the elephant caves, where elephants come to extract salt and other minerals from the soil. They got a good protection from the ranger, but the Elephant Caves are inside the Ngorongoro conservation area.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with its 17 global goals, adopted by the United Nation in September 2015, are one of the guiding lights in our work. We do our best to end poverty (1) and reduce hunger (2). We emphasize gender equality (5) and strive to create number of decent work and economic growth (8) for the people of Bashay village. We have assisted in distributing clean water (6) in our village and we participate in responsible consumption and production (12). We thank all those who have assisted us and contributed to our work for their help.

New family member at TanzanIce Farm

The TanzanIce Farm Team is very happy to have a new family member on the farm. Joseph “junior” (the grandfather´s name) was born last month. He is the son of our accommodation manager, Restituta Joseph Surumbu. Both mother and child are healthy and Joseph jr is growing well.

A gem on the way to Ngorongoro and Serengeti

“An absolute gem at the gateway to Ngorongoro and Serengeti”. What a wonderful review we just got. We are proud of our good staff who put all into making guests feeling well; growing organic vegetables, cooking healthy food and embrace them with care and kindness.

No farmer – no food

No farmer – no food, so today we had a training at TanzanIce Farm, dedicated for young people in the village. Othman Issah, was leading the training but he works for SEVIA (Seeds of Expertise for the Vegetable Sector of Africa). We had 15 farmers (11 man and 4 women) participating and today they learned about the importance of potassium when growing cucumbers. Fields which were given potassium produced 48% more cucumbers than fields with not added potassium. This is an important lesson for the young people who are growing up to become farmers producing food for their families and for income.