Bushmen close to Tanzanice Farm

It is a unique experience to visit the Hazabe tribe – the bushmen. A few families live in the rural only 50 km away from us and they welcome visitors to see their homes and their way of living. Here is the leader of one of the families preparing for hunting but they hunt with spears, bow and arrows. We will go hunting with them!

Empowering families

Last year was in many ways a good year. We continued to participate in empowering women in Bashay and invited women and men to a discussion about gender equality based on the Barbershop approach (HeForShe). It was a real success and both genders were happy with the discussion. We hope this will help in making families stronger in our village.

Entrepreneurial children

We are extremely proud of participating in the renovation of the Butiama Kindergarten we built with help from both individuals and companies eight years ago. The staff and children are so happy and enthusiastic. We do not have much toys to play with but the children are innovative in using what is available in the area; stones, tree-branches, leaves, straw and even the rubbish we collect regularly.

Rural walk in our area

The rural walk is getting more and more popular by our guests here in Karatu district. Our local staff member guides the walk, which includes visiting local farmers, passing by a local hospital, a vocational school and a brick “factory”. On the way we are welcomed by a good friend of us – alone mother of three kids.

Wildlife close to Karatu

We saw this little elephant baby in Manyara National Park. It was running around playing and obviously enjoying life. Although Manyara National Park is a rather small park compared to some of the other national parks in our area,it is a lovely place to visit.

Good and healthy food

Staff being trained on modern cooking. Emphasis has been put on using fresh organic vegetables and fruits from the farm. We have learned ho to cook for Vegetarian, Indian, European etc. September guests have at least been very happy. Although staff has been trained on cleanliness before it was stressed even further in this training.

Grapes for wine making in the future

As entrepreneurs we are continuously testing new crops on our farm. We have learned from our neighbour that grapes can be grown in our climate and soil. We have therefore planted grape trees in some contours and are excited to see if we will have grapes in coming months.

There are many challenges and one of our enemies are termites. As we are emphasising organic growth we have planted lemongrass close to the plants as well as we have put some garlic next to the plants. The termites do not like the smell so hopefully they will go somewhere else for food.

Bird watching at TanzanIce Farm

Bird life has been on the rise at TanzanIce Farm since we have planted many trees, not at least trees that have fruits and berries. This means of course that we have to share some of our food with the lovely birds that wake us up with their songs in the morning. Here Red-Headed Bishop in one of our trees.