No farmer – no food

No farmer – no food, so today we had a training at TanzanIce Farm, dedicated for young people in the village. Othman Issah, was leading the training but he works for SEVIA (Seeds of Expertise for the Vegetable Sector of Africa). We had 15 farmers (11 man and 4 women) participating and today they learned about the importance of potassium when growing cucumbers. Fields which were given potassium produced 48% more cucumbers than fields with not added potassium. This is an important lesson for the young people who are growing up to become farmers producing food for their families and for income.

Accommodation and happy guests

Review 10 out of 10: “The staff was so friendly loving and caring. There smiling faces and the selfless care showed the Tanzanian hospitality of genuine love. The rooms at the farm house were spotless in cleanliness and comfortable. The food was so freshly cooked and served hot and was so delicious. All in all Tanzanice Farm House is a place that l will visit and recommend to anyone without hesitation. Keep up the good work.

Best regards form the Doctors from Tanzania, Sri-Lanka & Canada.”

The staff and owners are enthusiastic to keep up the good work. We love our place and we care for each other and those who visit us.

Volunteering is rewarding (video)

Volunteering is rewarding and it is our pride to be engaged in social projects. TanzanIce Farm has participated and led several projects aiming at empowering women, educating children and promoting gender equality. Many organizations and individuals from all over the world have participated and contributed both money and time to different projects.  It is rewarding to see improvements and it gives us the hope that poverty will be defeated in the end.



Leopards are majestic animals

Leopards are majestic animals, they are great hunters who run fast when hunting, climb trees to eat and relax afterwards. You cannot but respect them. Leopards are to be found in Serengeti and Ngorongoro, the National Parks next to TanzanIce Farm.

New and renovated guesthouses


We have built a new house and renovated our old house, now offering travelers a very comfortable accommodation in an exceptional environment close to the locals. All rooms have private bathrooms with hot showers and the dining and living have a beautiful view over farmland as well as a stunning view towards the green hills of Ngorongoro crater. Our staff provides good and healthy food, produced on the farm. TanzanIce Farm is the perfect place to stay and take day-trips to the wonders in our vicinity.

The Mountain of God

Ol Doinyo Lengai (The Mountain of God) is an active volcano in Tanzania. A beautiful mountain close to Lake Natron. Part of the TanzanIce Farm team visited the place recently. The aim was to climb the mountain but in a temperature of almost 40 degrees Celsius it was impossible. We make another attempt in a cooler time.

Responsible use of water

The rainy season is delayed so we, the TanzanIce Team, must use water responsibly – as we in fact always do – but now even more so. We are drip irrigating our carrots giving each plant droplets of water every day while waiting for the rain. This is Friday afternoon with the locals singing in our neighborhood. A short video on YouTube to demonstrate the technique: