Social Responsibility
TanzanIce Farm strives to practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the business is committed to contribute to sustainable economic development by working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large to improve their lives in ways that are good for business and for development in our area.
One of the main reasons why my family and I am operating in Tanzania is to be an active participant in fighting poverty and gender inequality. The TanzanIce team leads and participates in projects that have a positive impact in our village.
Women Power
The power of women.
We have supported several women by educating them, giving them jobs or supporting them financially. We are also leaders and participants in several group works, where the project Women Power is my favorite. Women Power offers underprivileged women in our area free education on entrepreneurship and business start-ups. Around 150 women have participated and many of them are now running their own businesses or have become active in the labor market – something that benefits not only them but the entire family, particularly their children.
Clean Water
Access to water.
Our first social project was to support the people of Bashay to distribute clean water closer to the homes. We provided water pipes while the people in the village supplied the labor. We are especially proud of this project as it has had a positive impact on the local community. The villagers can now produce bricks more effectively, leading to more houses built by bricks and the primary and secondary schools in Bashay got connected to water pipes which has made it possible for the children to grow vegetables and other crops at school.
Innovation is crucial.
We have participated in collective projects with the villagers in order to increase the yields and profits from their maize and legume crops. We have tried to grow new types of crops; vegetables, fruits and nuts in our search for more lucrative crops, which we and the villagers could grow. This is a continuous process. Now we are trying to grow onions and vegetables using drip-irrigation method but scarcity of water means that we must do our best to use it efficiently.

Our relationship has changed my life

“I was lucky to meet Dr Anna Elisabet, our relationship has changed my life. When I met Anna I had one kid named Ignas. I was struggling to feed him and provide for his other needs. When Anna gave me a part time job, I was able to get some income and support my son. Two years later I accidentally got pregnant of twins – named Anna and Elias – and that was too much for me to handle. Luckily, Anna, her sister Hulda and friends helped me during the pregnancy, the birth and after the birth. I almost died during delivery but with the money from Anna I was able to call an ambulance that took me to the hospital. Anna is still supporting me and the kids. I have no word to explain how much blessing she is to my life and the kids as well.”


I first met Restituta (Resty) in 2009, then 18 years old, and I immediately noticed here.
She was different from the other girls; we shook hands, her handshake was firm and our eyes met. Usually the girls I met were shy and did not look me in the eyes. A year later, when I needed assistance on the farm and I wanted to find a woman to help me, I went to Resty’s home and met her father. I asked him if it was possible for me to employ his daughter.
With support from several people we have built a kindergarten in our neighborhood.
Around one hundred children, from the age of 4 to 6 years, are in the kindergarten now. Before these children had to walk long distances to go to school but now they only have to walk a short distance and are more safe. With the support from many of our guests at TanzanIce Farm, we have also been able to provide the kindergarten with books and the poorest kids with new clothes and shoes.
When I met Elisabeth she was a single mother, living with her parents as it is not easy for single mothers to become independent and self-sufficient.
Elisabeth is the hardest working woman I have ever met – she rarely sits down and she wants everything to be spick and span around her. She is a very good mother and an excellent chef. It was not easy for Elisabeth when she got to know that she was expecting another baby.