Elisabeth’s Story
Elisabeth did not tell me about her pregnancy, she just disappeared and left her home as soon as her belly started to grow. She went further into the rural area and left her child with her mother. She was ashamed and did not want to face her father with this news. I got the information about her pregnancy through Resty, but at that time I was in Iceland. I was sad to hear that Elisabeth had left and I was determined to get her back and help her through these difficulties. My sister and I sent Elisabeth money to help her to move on with her life, wherever she was. This was a blessing as she encountered problems when the time came to welcome the child into this world. A traditional birth attendant in the rural area, where Elisabeth was staying, told her the situation was abnormal and that she needed professional help. Because of the money Elisabeth had she was able to call a rural ambulance to take her to a clinic which had a doctor and nurses. After a difficult birth, she welcomed a baby girl. But then the doctor said that there was still another unborn child. A few minutes later a beautiful boy was born. Although happy with being alive and having given birth to two healthy children, Elisabeth became even more worried.
I arrived in Tanzania three months later and the first thing I did was to go with my husband and Resty to pick up Elisabeth and her children and bring them back to our village. Elisabeth´s relative had a room which she offered to Elisabeth and her children. Many things have happened which is a material for a whole book but now Elisabeth is living alone with her three children. I, my sister and other warm-hearted women from Iceland have contributed to assist Elisabeth through difficult times. Elisabeth is determined to be strong and she is a very good mother, wanting a better life for her children.
The twins were given the names Anna and Elias, which I am grateful for. Elisabeth told me once, that at the beginning of her pregnancy, I was the only one who cared about the unborn children and she wanted them to have my names. I love these kids and I will continue to do my best to assist Elisabeth in becoming independent and strong. I thank all those who have assisted her at the same time as I welcome others to support this vulnerable and beautiful family of four.