Resty’s Story
Resty´s father told me that Resty was away – taking courses in how to work in hotels – but he informed me that he had another daughter, Elisabeth, who could take the job. Elisabeth came to my farm two days later and what a hard-working woman she is. I have never met a person as hard working as Elisabeth. We got on well together but it was a bit difficult for us to communicate as she did not speak English and my Swahili was poor. Elisabeth still works for me now and then but since late 2013 she only occasionally works for me because of family issues (see about Elisabet).
But one beautiful day early 2012, Resty knocked on my door and asked for a job. I was extremely happy to see her and immediately said yes. My plan was to make her responsible for the accommodation part of TanzanIce Farm. However, although she had got some training on how to work within the hotel business, she still needed more training to be able to overtake this responsibility. After some discussion, my husband and I decided to invite Resty to Iceland, stay with us and get more education in English, accounting and information technology. Resty had never touched a computer and her English needed improvement.
To get Resty to Iceland was a much longer and more difficult process than I ever imagined. First of all, Resty did not have a birth certificate, which is the prerequisite to apply for a passport. I could write a whole book about this process so I will have to wait for another time to tell that story. Eventually we got everything needed to get Resty to Iceland, where she stayed for one year. Since then she has been in Iceland three times and is always adding to here knowledge. Resty has gained much experience, new skills and knowledge and she is now the accommodation manager at TanzanIce farm.